Wine Machines

Olives and Wine highlights over 50 hand-chosen wines available on our Enomatic wine dispensing machines. Our machines are hand-crafted in Italy and are equipped with one of the most advanced wine-preservation systems which guarantees that you get the best quality pour every time. Each machine allows you to choose from a 1 oz., 2.5 oz., or 5 oz., pour in varying price points—making even some of these most expensive wines affordable to taste.

Our dedicated team of wine experts are constantly analyzing, evaluating, and changing our selection of wines available on our tasting machines. We hope our patrons will try as many new and different wines as possible as our selection of wines change on a very regular basis, sometimes even within a day.

All of the wines on our machines have a description written by the winemaker or one of our staff members as well as the current bottle retail price. All wines are available to purchase to take home or enjoy in the store with family and friends.

Getting Started

All patrons who wish to use the wine machine will check-in with our concierge where we will validate your legal drinking age and give you a wine glass. Next, you will purchase a wine tasting card which costs $3.00. The card will never expire, it is yours to keep, and is completely reloadable. Simply load the amount of money you would like on the card and enjoy your selections!

Using the Wine Card

Once you select a wine that you wish to try, insert your card chip-side down. The balance of your card will be displayed on the screen. Be sure to hold your glass under the spout and press the button of your desired size pour while waiting for the wine to be dispensed. The purchase amount will be deducted from your card.

Please remember to remove you card as we are not responsible for stolen or lost cards.